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The EUROPEAN FUEL CELL FORUM offers an opportunity to meet in advance.

The European Fuel Cell Forum brings together fuel cell and hydrogen stakeholders, including developers, scientists, academics, politicians, as well as industry representatives and decision makers. The Forums emphasise research, operational experiences, and applications. They also provide an up-date on current state-of-the-art of the technologies, and further stimulate research and development activities and ideas.

Given the presence of so many relevant FC experts, the opportunity for project meetings and the set-up of new projects is exceptional. Furthermore, the comfortable location of Lucerne offers excellent opportunities to create informal match-making and brokerage events in the evenings. You will have the opportunity to meet with key FC community members in a relaxed atmosphere, creating the ideal platform for new ideas and projects.
The central location of Lucerne within Europe is readily accessible, and enables those who may not be able to travel solely for a project meeting to attend both the EFCF and your project meeting.

Type of available Meeting Rooms

Rooms to accommodate from 5 to 50 people are available on request, and can be equipped with a projector etc. The reservation as such is free of charge for registered participants and exhibitors at the EFCF 2016. During  the course of the EFCF, we also offer a free hotel reservation service.

Most rooms are located in very pleasant Hotels close to the KKL where the EUROPEAN FUEL CELL FORUM takes place. Services start from simple meeting room reservation over coffee breaks, up to and including full day programs. You can even hold your meeting on the top of Mount Pilatus with its inspiring sky line, and return to Lucerne by boat!

For meetings with budget restrictions, there are a few free meeting rooms available at the Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts in Horw, a 6 minute train ride from the Lucerne main station plus a 5 minute walk. There is also the possibility to visit the PEM-based UPS demonstration project.

Meeting Support Service Offer

If you are interested or have any further questions please send your request to

Thank you.

Reservations take place on a first come first served basis.
In addition, there are special traveling fares available for EFCF participants with various reductions depending on the fare type, route, and space availability on