Under the motto: Progress in Solid Oxide Technologies - From Fundamentals to Systems:

  • State-of-the-art & novel materials
  • State of the art & novel manufacturing
  • Understanding lifetime at different levels:
    from material to system
  • Advanced characterisation techniques
  • Cell, stack & system modelling & optimisation



Science &

  • Cell & stack design & characterisation
  • Balance of plant components
  • Design of systems (SOFC, SOE & SOMR)
  • Component and system performance

Bridge to

  • Product presentation, demonstration,
    novel concepts
  • Solid Oxide Technologies in P2X
    and chemical processing applications
  • Status of the industry and major groups
  • Others such as RCS, Training & Education,
    Studies, Inititatives


If you have questions, inputs or suggestions concerning the topics
please do not hesitate to email to