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This high-level international fuel cell & electrolyser event offers a presentation of the state-of-the-art technology hosted in Switzerland.

Scope of the Forum

The 14th EUROPEAN SOFC & SOE FORUM 2020 addresses issues of science, engineering, materials, systems, applications and markets for all types of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC), Solid Oxide Electrolysers (SOE) and Solid Oxide Membrane Reactors (SOMR). Additionally the upcoming issue of CO2 emission reduction and reuse is addressed as well.

The Forum is the largest international meeting on Solid Oxide Technologies building the bridge from science to application. Business opportunities will be identified for manufacturers, industry, operators and investors. Although a Europe-based event, participants are invited from all continents. About 500 participants and 30 exhibitors are expected. The European Fuel Cell Forum is a leading international meeting place providing an excellent opportunity to present recent technical progress, establish new contacts, and to exchange technical, industrial and business information.

A Scientific Advisory Committee has been formed to evaluate and structure the technical programme. This panel exercises full scientific independence in all technical matters. All papers presented as lectures or posters will be collated in electronic proceedings, which will be made available to all participants at the time of registration. Later a final version will be published with ISBN in the www.EFCF.com/Library. Various other scientific publication possibilities are offered (see Publication Policy). All participants will also receive up-dated programmes of the conference and special events, overview of all contributions, authors, institutions and exhibitors.

Technical Status and Achievements

EFCF is very prowed , then the following companies have presented in the previous SOFC & SOE edition:

Anan Kasei, AVL, Boeing, Bosal, Robert Bosch, Cap Co, Ceraco Ceramic Coating, Ceramatec, Ceramic Powder Technology, CeramTec, Ceres Power, CerPoTech, Convion, EBZ, Elcogen, Haldor Topsøe, Hexis/Viessmann, Kerafol, Nissan, Plansee, SOLIDpower, Sunfire, Sylfen, ThyssenKrupp, Toho Gas, Tokyo Gas

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