The EFCF 2021 conference topics are set but not limited to:

Fundamentals of low-temperature fuel cells

01  Electrocatalysis of the oxygen reduction and the hydrogen oxidation reaction
02  Membrane materials for acidic & alkaline fuel cell
03  Design of membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs)      
04  Pt and Pt-free electrocatalysts
05 Catalyst and MEA degradation mechanisms

Electrolysis and electrolyzers

06  Electrocatalysts for the oxygen and hydrogen evolution reactions
07 Electrolysis in alkaline and acidic media
08  CO2 reduction to fuels and chemicals
09 Direct fuel cells

Advanced diagnostics & modeling

10  Transport characterization in porous transport layers       
11  Analysis of MEA degradation and evaluation of mitigation strategies
12 Operando analysis
13  Modeling of kinetics and transport

Applications and design of fuel cells, electrolysers and systems

14  Design of MEAs and flow-fields for high current density operation       
15  Stack and stack component design and operation
16 Stack and system characterization and integration
17  Durability, lifetime, and LCA
18 Balance of plant components for fuel cells and electrolyzers
19 Application integration and testing

Hydrogen processing

20  Purification & Compression       
21  Materials and devices for on-board & off-board storage
22 Distribution & Fuelling
23  Balance of plant components

Market and Deployment

24  Rollout & Operation: Portable, stationary, mobile incl.  infrastructure (road, water, air, space)       
25  Business & economy models, scenarios with completing and competing technologies
26 H2 Technologies as enabler for renewables, assessment & applicability
27  Major regional & company demonstration and developments

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