24th Conference in Series with Exhibition & EIS Tutorials ---> ALL VIRTUAL <---
20-23 Oct connected to KKL Lucerne, Switzerland ---> ALL VIRTUAL <---

14th European SOFC & SOE Forum ---> ALL VIRTUAL <---

Featuring: SOLID OXIDE TECHNOLOGIES - Fuel Cells - Electrolysers - Membrane Reactors - CO2 Emission Reduction & Reuse
Chaired by: Prof. Anke Hagen, Prof. Peter Vang Hendriksen; DTU
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25th Conference in Series with Exhibition & FCH/EIS Tutorials
29 June – 2 July, Lucerne, Switzerland

Low Temperature Fuel Cells, Electrolysers & H2 Processing

Featuring: Hydrogen Fuel Cells (PEFC, HT-PEM, AFC, PAFC); Direct Fuel & Microbial/Enzymatic Fuel Cells; Water Electrolysis (PEM, Alkaline) & CO2 Reduction; H2 Purification, Compression, Storage & Distribution
Chaired by: Prof. Thomas Schmidt; PSI Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen
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...and 2020 also VIRTUAL

EFCF, an International Conference Series with Exhibition, FCH/EIS Tutorials, Promotion, Technology Exploitation and Supplier-Client-Platform & Network, related Events like GSM, MEEP, GreenSalon,  ... takes annualy place - pure physically in Lucerne SwitzerlandBUT  Covid pandemic forced EFCF 2020  to shifting from summer to autumn, from physical to hybride &  now to all VIRTUAL. ...read more...

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