Technical program

The three-day conference with exhibition, tutorials, other symposiums, project meetings and attractive side events will feature parallel sessions with invited and contributed papers and posters. The Scientific Advisory Committee ensures that all presentations are of high quality.

The TECHNICAL PROGRAM will range from fundamental science and discussions on new materials, through cell, stack, and system development, to the latest achievements from commercial deployment. The 2022 Motto is
"From materials to systems, including modelling & advanced characterization".

Chairs of the Conference

Dr-Ing. Julie Mougin

is Head of Hydrogen Technologies Department at CEA, French Atomic and Alternative Energies Commission, in Grenoble, France.

Graduated from Grenoble Institute of Technology (INPG) in Electrochemistry, she obtained a PhD in Materials Science and gained industrial experience in the field of materials for energy and automotive markets before joining CEA / Liten in 2005 as the head of the SOFC/SOEC testing and characterization research group. From January 2010 to now, she is leading the Hydrogen Technologies Department, focused on hydrogen production, storage and fuel cells. She also supervised during 4 years a team in charge of techno-economical and life cycle assessment for new energies technologies.

In her current position, she supervises a team of 50 people in charge of the development and characterization of SOEC and SOFC technologies, from cells to systems. She has a large coordination experience as coordinator of various past and on-going EU projects related to hydrogen and fuel cells (RAMSES, INSIGHT, REFLEX, MULTIPLHY). She appoints as an international expert in the field of hydrogen, involved in several missions like contributing to EU roadmaps, review of national hydrogen programs for several countries, and standards.

Julie Mougin is author/co-author of more than 50 publications in reviewed scientific journals (100 in total), five book chapters and four patents.

Dr. Hab. Jerome Laurencin

is a senior scientist at the French Atomic and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA), where he leads a research group on the modeling and characterizations of Solid Oxide Cells (SOC). After a Master degree in material science and engineering, he obtained his Ph.D. from Grenoble Institute of Technology (INPG) with a dissertation on the performance and durability of solid oxide fuel cells. He received his habilitation in 2013 on the modeling of high temperature electrochemical devices. 

Jérôme Laurencin has been working on the field of SOC for more than 15 years at CEA. His research activities are related to the modelling coupled with advanced material and mechanical characterizations. With his research group, he has adapted methods based on synchrotron X-ray radiation for the microstructural and physico-chemical characterizations. He developed a multi-scale and multi-physic modeling framework that accounts for the electrochemical and mechanical cell behavior. His current research interests aim at understanding the complex relationships between the electrode microstructure and the fundamental properties of materials to optimize the cell durability and robustness in electrolysis and fuel cell modes.

Jérôme Laurencin has participated to several National and European projects as work-package leader. He is author/co-author of 84 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals (more than 120 in total), three book chapters and holds 5 patents in the field of SOC.