Former Special Events 2022

4 - 7 July 2022

4 July 11 -
5 July 18

KKL Auditorium

GSM 2022

6th international symposium on
Grid Service Market
Grid Business Flexibility - with New Technologies
Organised in conjunction with HSLU Power Economy Innovation & Tech. Management

4 July 13 -
5 July 13

Hotel Montana

IEA AFC Annex32    

Annual Annex Partners (only) Meeting of International Energy Agency - Advanced Fuel Cells - Annex 32: Assist, through international co-operation, the development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technologies.  


5 July 8 - 17

KKL Club Rooms

Fuel Cell, Electrolyser & Hydrogen
0.5 ECTS; Level: kick-start;


Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy;
0.5 ECTS; Level: advanced;

5 July 8 - 17

KKL Terrassensaal

Public Workshop from H2020 Project Natilus
(Nautical Integrated Hybrid Energy System for Long-haul Cruise Ships)
Scope: Potential and challenges of innovative power systems and synthetic fuels for emission reduction in waterborne transport   

5 July 9 - 17

Uni Luzern: Hörsaal 5

Ad Astra / RUBY

Public joint Workshop from H2020 Projects Ad Astra & RUBY
From basic to applied research towards durable and reliable fuel cells. Focus on accelerated stress tests, degradation phenomena, fault modelling, advanced monitoring, diagnostics, prognostics and control of SOC and PEMFC

6 July 11  -
7 July 18

KKL: Club Rooms

MEEP 2022
4th international symposium on Microbial, Enzymatic & Bio-Photovoltaic Electrochemical Reactors
Organised in conjunction with

7 July 13 - 17

Club Rooms


Final public event from H2020 Project CH2P
Transitioning to Hydrogen Mobility - Refueling stations (HRS) with new innovative system co-generating hydrogen, heat and electricity using SOC fueled by carbon-lean natural gas (NG) or bio-methane

Scope: Presentation of the main results achieved in the project, presenting the testing results on the 20 kg/day CH2P prototype.