EFCF 2024

This high-level international fuel cell & electrolyser event offers a presentation of the state-of-the-art technology hosted in Switzerland.

Scope of the Forum

The 16th EUROPEAN SOFC & SOE FORUM 2024 will address issues of science, engineering, materials, systems, applications and markets for all types of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Electrolysis technologies, as well as for any electrochemical Reactors based on Solid Oxide Membranes.

The Forum continues the strong tradition as one of the leading international meetings on Solid Oxide science, technology and implementation.

Technical Status and Achievements: The following companies have presented in the previous EFCF editions:  

AVL, Boeing, Bosal, Bosch, Ceramatec, Ceres Power, Convion, EBZ, Elcogen, Fuel Cell Energy/Versa Power, Halder Topsoe, Hexis/Viessmann, Microsoft, Plansee, SOLIDpower, Sunre, Sylfen.

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