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The EFCF 2024 conference topics are set but not limited to:

Science & Know-how (01-04)

01  State-of-the-art and novel materials
02  State-of-the-art and novel cell/stack- designs and manufacturing routes
03  Emerging technologies based on solid oxides (reversible, protonic ceramics, etc )
04  Degradation mechanisms & overall lifetime from materials to system level

Bridge to Product (05-09)

05  Advanced characterization techniques
06 Cell, stack & system modelling and optimization
07  Balance of plant components
e.g. Gas train, electrical & thermal management, HEX part
08  System design and performance
09 Test infrastructure, analytical methods, Big Data & AI analysis

Industrial Achievements (10-15)

10  SOC system integration e.g.:
        CO2 conversion, Power-to-X, Grid Services, seawater electrolysis
11  Novel concepts, technology demonstration and deployment 
12  Scale-up: Use of critical raw materials, supply chain, manufacturing, …
13  Technology status at industry and major groups, Start-Up innovation presentation 
14  Special talks e.g. keynotes, invited talks, demonstrations, entertainment
15 All others

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