Official Infos about CH Corona Situation & ENTRY into SWITZERLAND

Find here  the list of countries, which face restrictions (quarantine)
and the relevant enabling Exemptions. 

Briefly, what is officially approved from the authority:
The following people are exempt from mandatory quarantine:
   §  ....
   §  Participants in Specialist Congresses
Additional Conditions, which are all fulfilled for EFCF 2020:
   1. Professional reasons, that cannot be postponed
   2. Stay in Switzerland does not last longer than five days
   3. Precautionary measures are in place that are adhered to
        (see EFCF Safety Concept)

You do not need any permission. When you enter CH by plane i.e. public transport means, you have to give your contact data. You will be later contacted by the authorities with a form, where you have to confirm the "Participation in Specialist Congress" and the correctness  of the above conditions 1-3.
If you arrive by car i.e.  private transport means, then you will nowhere appear on a list for the authorities and noone will request a confirmation, i.e  all remains to your own controll and responsibility.

The above points might slightly differ from the translated text given under the links below. However, the exemptions are officially approved from the resposible authority of the Kanton Lucerne.


   - List of countries and areas with mandatory quarantine
   - Quarantine rules for persons arriving in Switzerland 
       including the Exemptions from mandatory quarantine