Exhibition of

products, system prototypes and related hardware, materials, stacks, components, control devices, production technology, qualification methodes and test benches, diagnostic tools as well as promising results and solutions related to Solid Oxide Technologies: Fuel Cells, Electrolysers, Membrane Reactors

20 – 23 October 2020, KKL, Lucerne (Switzerland)

The technical exhibition will offer industry and research institutions the opportunity to showcase systems, new materials, innovative systems, system components, test benches, electrolysis technology, research results etc. 

Free entrance and open to the public

The exhibition is open to the public. Exhibitors should feel free to invite familiar customers or new clients to Lucerne.

Opening hours  
Tuesday 16-18 h
Wednesday and Thursday 09-18 h
Friday 09-12 h

In 2018, more than 30 international companies and laboratories showcased their products and applications at the exhibition and demonstration area.

The EUROPEAN SOFC & SOE FORUM is known for its relaxed atmosphere, good food services and unique entertainment. Social gatherings like the "Swiss Surprise" or the "Dinner on the Lake" create excellent opportunities for networking and to cultivate old and new friendships.

Your target clientele

More than 500 international experts - engineers, developers, scientists, politicans, users, journalists, professors and students from all parts of the world benefit from the opportunity

  • to maintain ongoing and create new partnerships with you,
  • to exchange needs, experiences and visions about your products,
  • to establish business contacts and set-up new projects or
  • to find employment positions.

The exhibition is also a platform for different regions and international technical projects to show and exchange experiences and to create new connections. In the past, the European Fuel Cell Forum events have also been a trading place for intellectual property, patents and licenses.

The Venue

The 14th EUROPEAN SOFC & SOE FORUM 2020 is traditionally held in Lucerne in the KKL in conjunction with the FC&H2 EXHIBITION and a FC&H2 TUTORIAL. The conference centre KKL is a well known location on the picturesque waterfront of Lake Lucerne, and is easy to reach from the railway station and within a short distance from many hotels.