How to find a specific contribution in a session

1. When you are logged in at the Memberzone go to  the specific EFCF year
      See on top in the dropdown menues or in the MemberZoneAccess (

2. In the specific EFCF year go to the right session.

3. Subtract the start time* of the session from the start time* of the contribution and
     you get more or less the time, where you should put the slider to find your specific contribution.
     Due to some introductions at the beginning of each session 
     typically 1-2 minutes have to be added. Also the closer to the end of session
      a contribution is, the more delay could be expected e.g. 1-5 minutes.
   *The start times can be found in the corresponding program (Final Announcement)
      of the year

4. Often you need some 1-2 up and down tuning steps to get exactly at the correct start point.

5. Consider the exceptions:

  • Sometimes the cutting is not optimally at the start of the session or they start late due to introduction i.e. you need to add possibly some more minutes to find your specific contribution
    To identify such larger time shifts, you need to jump in 2-3 steps to the real start of the session first. Typical time shift is between 1-2 minutes - but seldom it can go up to 10-15 min.
  • Sometimes a contribution before might be withdrawn and/or your specific contribution might be shifted.
    So it can not exactly be found at the expected/calculated time. This should be mentioned in the updated "program as performed", but there might be not recognized deviations.

Please contact, in case you are not able to find your specific contribution