European Fuel Cell Forum AG

The EUROPEAN FUEL CELL FORUM was founded in 1994 for the promotion of the innovative technology using technical and scientific conferences, relevant literature, and unbiased information from the media. From early on many highly successful conferences have been organised. 

In 2010 Olivier Bucheli and Michael Spirig - both members of the European electrolyser, fuel cell and hydrogen community - created the EUROPEAN FUEL CELL FORUM AG to ensure the ongoing continuity and independence of the EUROPEAN FUEL CELL FORUM event. In 2020, after electrolyser technologies started to dominate more and more the scene the EFCF event was renamed to European ELECTROLYSER & FUEL CELL FORUM. The internationally recognised and highly appreciated conference series is always in the hands of electrolyser, fuel cell and hydrogen technologists, with expert technical support provided by a renowned International Board of Advisors.

The EUROPEAN FUEL CELL FORUM AG (name did not change) continues to be one of the most prominent meeting platforms for the exchange of scientific and technical information, from research to industry, as well as for the networking towards future solutions. The organisation is located in Lucerne and can be contacted at the following address:

European Fuel Cell Forum AG
Obgardihalde 2, CH-6043 Luzern-Adligenswil/Switzerland
Tel. +41 44 586 5644,  (see also HELP)

EFCF is a small, modern, partly virtual company.

Our team is highly motivated to work for you and an efficient organization. Our managers and employees often work part-time and that quite from anywhere in the world.

We are proud that this means great flexibility in terms of time and work location, allowing team members* to take also care of their children, family, home, other jobs and, of course, their free time, in addition to EFCF. Since there is no work route/commute, there is also no need to spend time, money and energy for it, as well as the necessary procurement and maintenance of the means of transport. 

If you are interested in supporting our team, please write
a streamlined letter of motivation
 to and tell us
      - what you would like to do for and at the EFCF and
      - where and when you acquired the necessary skills.

Thank you very much and we are looking forward to
- your short application
- with the letter of motivation and
- a short CV.