The Sustainable Shipping Days 2024 (SSD, see program) aim to explore and promote advancements in maritime sustainability through the integration of fuel cell-based onboard energy systems and electrolysis technology at ports for fuel supply. Over one and a half days, this event will facilitate connecting experts, industry leaders, and researchers in these vital fields. It will focus on presenting and fostering in-depth discussions about the latest developments in maritime fuel cell technology, showcasing its potential to power ships, enhance energy ef_ciency, and reduce emissions. Furthermore, the conference will emphasize the pivotal role of electrolysis in green hydrogen production for sustainable fuel supply at ports for ambitions of net-zero. It will encourage dialogues regarding the integration of these technologies into the shipping industry, with a keen eye on their broader impacts on environmental conservation, energy security, and market dynamics.

The program offers an engaging and dynamic agenda, including high-level keynotes, focused invited talks, and the unveiling of results from national and EU projects. Designed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and foster meaningful connections, the program sets the stage through pre-event gatherings, including an inviting aperitif and an enjoyable dinner, fostering an atmosphere conducive to enriching interactions.

SSD extend an invitation to partake in a comprehensive exchange with the European Electrolyser & Fuel Cell Forum EFCF 2024 community at the EFCF-Welcome Reception. EFCF, spanning the ensuing three days amidst the picturesque backdrop of Lucerne, gathers the world's foremost experts in the field. The combined SSD and EFCF experience offers an exclusive opportunity to propel sustainable shipping forward, with a primary focus on the integration of maritime fuel cells and integrated electrolysis plants within ports.

Who should join:

  • OEMs of Fuel Cells, Electrolysers & Storage Systems
  • Marine Fuel Suppliers
  • Marine Genset Manufactures
  • Ship Yards, Ship Owners & Ship Operators
  • Port Builders, Integrators, Operators & Authorities
  • Investors, Banks, Scouts
  • Marine Safety & Classi_cation Organisations
  • Regulators, Consultants
  • R&D specialists in the related fields

The Sustainable Shipping Days 2024 (SSD) are organised by the European Electrolyser & Fuel Cell Forum EFCF