The EFCF 2023 conference topics will encompass, but not be limited to:

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Fundamentals of low-temperature fuel cells

01 Electrocatalysis (ORR, HOR)
02 New ionic polymers for PEM, AEM, catalyst layers
03 Local reaction environment at interfaces
04 MEA development, materials integration and testing
05 Electrode design and water management
06 Understanding and mitigation of degradation

Electrolysis and Electrolyzers

07 Electrocatalysis (OER, HER)
08 Water electrolysis (AEL, AEM, PEM and beyond)
09 CO2 reduction to fuels and chemicals
10 Salt and waste water electrolysis
11 Electrolysis under extreme conditions
12 Advanced materials and components

Advances in Modeling and Diagnostics

13 Processes in porous transport layers
14 Multiscale structural and physico-chemical characterization
15 Advanced electrochemical testing and diagnostics
16 In situ and operando diagnostics
17 Monitoring and prediction of performance and lifetime

Electrochemical Engineering and System Integration

18 Tailored MEA design and optimized flow-fields
19 Stack design, operation, durability and lifetime
20 System characterization and stack integration
21 H2 purification, de(humidification) and compression for electrochemical systems
22 Balance of plant design

Accelerated Material Development

23 Modern lab concepts (autonomous, decentral, AI-driven)
24 Accelerated simulations and inverse materials design
25 Workflow management for integration and scale-up
26 Multimodal characterization and AI-based image analysis
27 Digital twins and intelligent data analytics for monitoring and lifetime prediction

Application, Market and Deployment

28 Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Business and economy models
29 H2 technologies as enabler for renewables, assessment and applicability
30 Rollout and operation: Portable, stationary, mobile incl. infrastructure (road, water, air, space)
31 Regional and industrial development and demonstration


32  International project presentations, Success stories & Education
33  Keynote - Plenary Presentation - Invited Talks
34  Others (use note to describe)



Separate Call for Papers in October 2022 for
       Microbial, Enzymatic & Bio-Photovoltaic
       Electrochemical Reactors - Fuel Cells & Electrolyser
Systems - int. Microbial Enzymatic Electrochemical Platform

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