Virtual Exhibition of

products, system prototypes and related hardware, materials, stacks, components, control devices, production technology, qualification methodes and test benches, diagnostic tools as well as promising results and solutions related to Low-Temperature Technologies: Fuel Cells, Electrolysers, Membrane Reactors, H2-Processing  Purification, Compression, Storage & Distribution, CO2-Reduction.

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During EFCF 2021 (29 June – 2 July)
AND long-term until the next EFCF event

The virual technical exhibition will offer industry and research institutions the opportunity  to be highly recognized in the virtual rooms and access points during EFCF 2021, but also long-term until the next physical EFCF event takes place!


Register online HERE online HERE or
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In the VIRTUALL EXHIBITION Lobby, which is a compulsory passage for the participants, just like in real life, the exhibitors' information is attractively offered and makes the visitor want to see and discover more of it.
In the virtual booths  the client finds also the contact of its target exhibitor. Client and Exhibitor can meet in virtual meeting rooms (breackout sessions or own virutal meeting platforms). The exhibitor can schedule live talks and offer videos, flyers, links, ... in his virtual booth.
Order now your booth and enjoy a focus presence during the EFCF events
and a long-term presence in the community accessing all over the year
the EFCF on-demand virtual activitie and well visited services