Virtual Exhibition of

products, system prototypes and related hardware, materials, stacks, components, control devices, production technology, qualification methodes and test benches, diagnostic tools as well as promising results and solutions related to Low-Temperature Technologies: Fuel Cells, Electrolysers, Membrane Reactors, H2-Processing  Purification, Compression, Storage & Distribution, CO2-Reduction .

Get the Virtual Exhibitor Presence Template HERE

During EFCF 2021, 29 June – 2 July 2021
AND permanently until the next physical EFCF

The virual technical exhibition will offer industry and research institutions the opportunity  to be highly recognized in the virtual rooms and access points
during the EFCF 2021, but also permanently until the next physical EFCF event takes place!


Get the Virtual Exhibitor Presence Template HERE

Free accessible TEASERS of the exhibitors make hungry to see more:
   --->  Shown in further VIDEO-SHOWS
   --->  Given on linked WEBpages and further Virtual Show Rooms.....
  AND hungry to let explain details:
  --->  In live VIRTUAL MEETINGS with the exhibitor


.... at the access points of the EFCF virtual activities, which are the acompulsory passages. In THE VIRTUALL EXHIBITION the info of the exhibitors are well visibly offered and stimulate the desire to see and know more.
Here the client gets overview and contact to the target exhibitor, where he welcomes him kindly in his virtual booth. Order one and enjoy a longlasting presence in the community!